Chairman's Message

Welcome to the world of Thonse Naturecure Hospital, Natural Holistic Hospital. Service to humanity is our motto. At Thonse Naturecure, it is a journey back to nature with our humble service to prepare the platform as therapeutic nature cure hospital in the midst of lush green nature with all modern eco friendly facilities. Our dream is to convert Natural Thonse Island into Health Island and to provide peaceful health seekers in all earnestness.

Being a post-polio physically challenged, I know the importance of prevention of diseases than cure. My life thought me, healthy soul is important than strong body. Trust in Almighty Allah, blessings of parents, support from my wife & family, love towards home land, respect to elders, support from uncles, brothers, sisters, relatives, friends & well wishers made my dreams into reality.

I have travelled different parts of world for business purpose, had chance to interact with many nationalities, but no one questioned about my disability instead they encouraged me for my dedication, honesty & hardworking. Positive thinking, good intention, pure heart, healthy mindset, self respect never bother my physical limitations.

This project will be tribute to those mothers who care their physically challenged child as a God’s gift, to those friends who value the friendship & to those wives who stand by their husband in all walks of life.

I am proud to be an Indian. My homeland Thonse-Hoode near Kemmannu in Udupi Taluk is a marvelous and beautiful place where you would love to rediscover your body and soul.

Under the esteemed management of our CMO, all our staffs are well trained and experienced. They are warm and friendly and know our regular patients by names. I am a hands-on chairman. Next time when you see me at the centre, come up and talk to me, give me your opinions and suggestions. That would make my day.

Thank You