Rtd. Physiotherapist ORGIVA(ORANDA)SPAIN

During my nine day stay at THC. I had a most outstanding experience of a highly effective detox centre which literally shook me up positively at various levels. During first days, the strong reaction my body had, especially my digestive system to the detox treatment. I felt as if I had gone through a thorough cleansing of every single cell in my body, including my mind. In this process, the whole personnel of the centre from Doctors to kitchen staff, cleaning to treatment staff available at every moment for which ever need I had. Everybody does their job in a highly professional manner, punctually and nevertheless very human with an eternal smile. I attended morning Yogasana classes and afternoon yoga/pranayama with a highly recommendable excellent Yoga teacher. Last but least, at the daily walks through the surrounding area, which consist of a typical village immersed inside a tropical coconut palm tree forest that leads you to a splendid beach of miles and miles of fine sand. No tourist, only fishermen and locals playing cricket.

Mr. Bagnar and Mrs.Tyrza

Our stay in Thonse Health Centre was short but we experienced the hospitality, kindness and professionalism of all staff we met fresh hand. We highly recommend the centre to anyone for treatment or just to relax


THC is such a treat to come back to find a much better place. It is more organized, the massage printed routine available with our name at the reception is a huge improvement. The staff as general are more confident, acquirable and cordial they have always been. Wifi facility has improved. The food is as good as always, the staff there as well seem to be more focused towards our wellbeing. Yoga classes are the usual treat and doctors top professionals. Massage ladies impeccable. I am looking forward to very next return opportunity. All the best. Love, LILIAN BORTOLIN

Dr. Sharanya
Gyanecologist, BANGALORE

My heartful thanks to Thonse Health Centre. Had a great time here. Wonderful food and excellent masseurs . Would definitely come back with friends and family.

Ms. Doreen Villamor

Everything was new to me. It was great and I feel lighter and better

Dr. Halaswamy, Dr. Deepa and family, HUBLI

Beautifully located, calm place clean and mini island of back water and sea. Accommodation is good, clean 24hrs power and water supply(hot and cold). All nature cure treatments are done very nicely with full trained staff, full body massage is done which reactive our body organs. After treatments feel look like younger, less weight and less fat. Doctors available morning and late night. Fully secured premises. Food so so okay, because of less salt and chilies, of course to reduce weight it is necessary. Canteen is good, service is totally good. Thanks to Shri B.M.ZAFFER and team. Room No. 118 .. Rating ***

Justice A.K. DWIVEDI and Ms. Neelam Panday(daughter)
Rtd Judge U. P.

We find quiet homely atmosphere at Thonse Health Centre. Service given by staffs is excellently good and adorable treatment given in based on naturopathy which excludes medicines which is very good for healthy life. Behavior of Dr. Shrutha Dayanand is especially good. We wish all the success and growth of this hospital.

Ms.Navya Rao Bangalore
T.V. actress

When I came to Thonse, I was 77 kg and now I have reduced 4 kgs for 9 days which made me look perfect and I am feeling happy for myself . Hence forth I have decided to refer my friends who wants to reduce weight this is the best place so that they are treated well like their own family members Thanking you all the staffs here who took care of me so good and made me to forget my home. The place here is amazing with the river in front and full of greeneries. People can easily come and rejuvenate themselves.Felt happy in Thonse health Centre.

Mrs. & Mr. Shafi Godimen
Businessman, GOA

Nice treatment here. I am satisfied. Thank you

Ms. Kavitha Rajaram

Thonse health centre is the naturopathy centre .I wowed recommends if you are looking for cure for any of your ailments -Back pain, diet, weight loss, joint pain, migraine, gyaenecological issues, BP etc.The relaxed environment facing the backwaters and the friendly staff makes one completely relaxed and makes one receive treatments with full satisfaction and vigor. The natural diet and earthy treatments are well suited for recovery. If you are looking for a complete transformation and rejuvenation, Thonse health centre is the place.

Mrs. Rajeshwari Natarajan
Housewife, Pune

I came here with severe back pain and uncontrolled Diabetes. I stayed here for 10 days and am much relieved .My blood sugar is perfectly normal. Thank you

Hriday Ram Shenoy BANGALORE
Marketing Manager, WIPRO

A very calm and quiet campus surrounded by serene lake.I came here for a rest break and I feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated. Thanks to the great facilities , polite staff and competent doctors ! Thank you.

Mr. Siddlingesh Kalagi
Engineer, Naragunda

We had a great experience in your health centre. We are greatly satisfied with all the staff members doctors and other facilities. Actually we planned to go some famous centre fortunately we come to know about your health centre through internet. We came to know the benefits of the physiotherapy , yoga, acupunture.We were treated at regular interval of time .And food was of very good quality .We had healthy time in these 10days.We plan to visit here again and again. And also we advise our relatives , friends to visit your health centre.

Mrs. Sunitha Shasthri, CHENNAI
Housewife, CHENNAI

I was suffering from Ulcerative Colitis and there was no solution in allopathic. Then I found Thonse health centre where Dr.Shrutha showed me some hope and today 80% of my colitis is in control. They cure with simple exercises /yoga /meditation and a very good diet.Thonse health centre is one of the best health care centre where they serve the people with care. Here the treatments are simple but effective like the traditional massages , yoga , diet , meditation. All I can say is come here and feel the body and mind with new spirit.

Dr.N.T.Manjunath & family
Professor, Civil Dept. UBDTC

Stayed with wife and daughter from 08-07-2015 to 15-07-2015 Stay was comfortable and effective. Cleanliness is appreciated. Food given is hygienic , healthy and suited to problems of individual. Employers are cordial and having good work culture , experienced. Information time to time as asked was available. Treatment is excellent. Atmosphere is more encouraging.

Shekar H.G. and Bhaskar B.R.
Associate professor A.I.J.

Dr.Shrutha is kind hearted , shows all type of commitment. We all grateful to her forever for her motherhood behavior and treatment suggestions. Beautiful and pleasant nature in and around Campos Accommodation , food , treatments all superb. Supporting staff all nice and very committed towards their duty.Yoga and aerobic is very useful and fantastic. Thank you

Deepika Ramachandra
Self employed BANGALORE

Thonse what to say .., well if you are looking for a jump start for weight loss program or healthy lifestyle Thonse is the right place .I have never stick to a place for a longer period but thonse will never cause you boredom , you will be happily reducing your weight and enter to a healthy life style. This place is hygienic , peaceful and a pleasant place and what more you need.I recommend to everyone and well I will be visiting every year from now on!!! See you soon Thonse With Love


I am 78 years old residing in Canada use to go to Pathanjali of Baba Ramdev. Thanks to Mrs. Varadarajan from whom I came to know about Thonse Health Centre. My 48 days stay here made me everything different & want to visit again. As a whole I am very much impressed with dedicated staff, location, climate, treatment & food. My whole body rejuvenated & feels healthy. I have told Dr.Shrutha that I shall come here every year 2-3 months till I am alive . I will recommend & encourage everyone I wish this Centre to flourish and grow day by day.

Advocate, GOA

The experience at Thonse has been extremely fruitful.I was here for 7days with my daughter & granddaughter.The entire staff were very warm & friendly.The therapists are awesome/well experienced.Besides all treatments THC had a beautiful view of the water.One can actually see blue fish jump out of the water at any time and it is very relaxing.Dr.Shrutha is an amazing & a very good doctor. I will definitely come back again for longer period next time. Dr.ChandraKumar is also very good at what he does.One can definitely put yourself in their hands


My Name is K.P.Sukanya .I am visiting for first time to Thonse Health Centre with my husband Lingappa and I felt very nice here. And all the treatments which you have given is very good. And I have lost my weight and my Thyroid problem is also getting cured .My husband s sugar and psoriasis treatment is very good .The most thing which I like in this place is co-operation of all workers and like the atmosphere of this surroundings. Facilities is also very good.

Mrs. Rekha D. Shah, BANGALORE

The beautiful atmosphere of Thonse health Centre was quite encouraging. The treatment through various therapies like mud pack, oil massage, steam/sauna bath, vibro/water massage , ultrasound etc & routines here , helped me to losing 3.0kgs & I felt detoxified, fresh, fit & fine. I was not able to walk earlier but started walking for a short distance with much improvement in my arthritis pain & thigh pain. Over the 10 days stay release my tension & rejuvenated. I am now recharged. Thanks to every member of Thonse Health centre.

Mr. Ramesh Ranjan, Bangalore
Vice President HR SERVICES

A great place, almost an island on the bank of River Suvarna near Udupi. They have all infrastructure & equipment to treat your mind, body & soul. The staff at Thonse Health Centre were a bunch of very dedicated staff, passionate about their work and duty embodying the spirit of their chairman Mr. Zaffer, i.e. SERVING HUMANITY. Dr. Shrutha & all staff are a rare breed of entrepreneurs in todays material world. All in all a great experience, great place, good people, peaceful environment & look forward to visiting again.

Dr.David Yaron

If you are seeking treatment, preventive knowledge & lifestyle or just a relaxing/rejuvenating time, call THC. I have been visiting Thonse once or twice a year for more than one month every time since its inception On 01.01. 2011 which says something about this unique place. There is no need to describe this wonderful place as you can read about it on the web site. All I want to ad is that you will find here knowledgeable,attentive and caring doctors, good treatment personnel and administrative team that would do their best to serve you.

Mrs. Devi Varadarajan , CHENNAI
House wife

This is our second visit to THC. I was suffering from Osteo Arthritis of knee joints. Allopathy doctors advised to undergo surgery for both of legs for knee replacement. As I was against the surgery, I was looking for Alternative medicine. My friend advised me to join here. Less than 15 days of naturopathy treatment at Thonse H.C. felt better & there was absolutely no pain .As per doctors advice visit after 1 year for 7 days rejuvenation of health. Now I feel better & as I do not have any problem in knees there is no need for the surgery too.


Was a great experience with beautiful nature and cure therapy with excellent treatment. Lost lot of weight and inches and gained lot of energy. Dr. Shrutha and Dr. Rafik at their best.


HI I am Ishitha Solani from Mumbai. It was one of my greatest experience . Here I came to know the importance of health, it has changed not only my food habits and even life style. Very efficient doctors, dedicated & co-operative staffs, especially treatments & food were excellent. I would like to come back, again within a year to enhance my health.

Mr.Amarnath Kamath

I reached Thonse with radiating pain in the buttocks and back of the thigh and calf, unable to stand straight, walk straight and even unable to sit comfortably. I had read a lot about L4, L5 compression & was very much worried about my future.I must tell you how thankful I am that I could have this fantastic and healing time at your place. I am walking straight with 95% recovery. This was possible only because THC, Dr. Rafik, Dr. Shrutha & the entire team. I am leaving Thonse with deepest gratitude to all of you.

Mrs. Pramila Shetty & Kids

I felt this was my very wonderful experience towards health concepts under nature cure treatment. I came for weight loss. Not only I reduced around 4 kgs but find the way to maintain health naturally. The food at Diet Centre, the Yoga teacher, the doctors & all of staff made me to visit this Centre again. The surroundings and cool environment of Thonse Health Centre looks like an Ashram. Thanks a lot.

Mr. S.G.Jayantha, Mrs.Prabha Jayantha, Mr.Yagna and Mr.Vinay
Pharmacists, SHIMOGA

More than just being a health centre, the quiet environment, delightful view of sunrise and sunset makes us feel this is a perfect place to be when we need to take a chill pill from all the chaos of the robotic, busy and noisy city life. Situated in a pollution free environment on seashore stands out as the only best health centre in our perception. Unbiased/dedicated doctors/staff who servers utmost patience. Praising THC with above few words is unjust- IT IS THE OASIS FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE CITY. Visit it to feel it and make the differerence

Mr. Jayapalan & his daughter Ms. Prishanthi

Approach of the doctors towards the patients is amazing. Treatments are excellent and public relation of the staff is very friendly. We recommend Thonse health centre for our family & friends.

Mr. Luis Victor & Mrs. Maria Filomena

Treatments and doctors are very good. River view in front of the Centre is too good. Therapies are wonderful. We like India and Thonse too much. We will come again.

Mr. & Mrs. Nagesh GP
Rnagar, Bangalore

We had good experience and good treatment. All men/ women here are very kind and co-operative. We would like to visit here again.

Mrs.Pauline & Mrs.Mariette
Vallencia, Mangalore

Excellent treatment. Doctors are very good. Staffs are very co-operative and polite. In all a very nice place for nature cure treatment with wonderful atmosphere & excellent staff.

Prof. Manjunatha K. Davangere
Associate Professor Dept.

Best place to spend holidays to enhance physical and mental health. I do regular visit during my holidays. Fully secured, peaceful environment with dedicated management and well trained staff added the beauty of this institution. Ideal place for nature cure treatment. Strongly recommend for those who love nature.

Samad Bhai, Mumbai

This is my third trip. Most of my family members & friends treated here and want to come again. Most suited place for nature cure treatment. All of us well wishers of THONSE HEALTH CENTRE and our support/ blessings always with them. We recommend this nature cure centre for those who want to keep fit and healthy.

Varum sharma

Cool location with wonderful environment. This is my second visit. This time i came with my wife for 3 weeks. Both of us happy with your treatment and service. We recommend thonse health centre to all our relatives and friends to get the benefit of nature care treatment which make us to come again.

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